Beginning of The Bridal Season.


It’s is finally Spring! With Spring comes all of the promise and hope that is perfect for the beginning of bridal season.

There are many different personalities involved in weddings. Each couple has their own idea of what the perfect wedding decorations or wedding flowers look like.

Spring is the perfect time to bring the flowers of the season into your wedding. As any florist can tell you the trick to having nature be a part of your wedding is to make it as natural looking and unforced as possible. Here are a few ideas that may get you thinking about your special day.

1. Use the perfect wedding season

There are so many beautiful flowers and colors in the spring and early summer. Use the rainbow of colors of the tulips, or the different greens of the ornamental grasses. There are willows and cattails that can add interest and dimension. Or perhaps the sprigs of peppermint or lemon verbena for a fresh fragrance. The ideas are limitless. Using the season you can never go wrong.


2. Use nature

With the weather warming up and people wanting to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps a garden wedding is the perfect choice. Your wedding flowers can include the hanging potted plants that adorn the gazebo. The lovely rose garden can be a great backdrop or a part of your natural wedding decorations. Your florist will be able to work with you on incorporating the natural beauty of the venue you’ve chosen.

3. Include “special” elements into your wedding flowers

Nature is full of the unexpected. That is part of what draws us to it. Include some of these “special” elements into your wedding. For example, a small water feature as a center piece, terrariums, flowering trees that bloom at night or water lilies would all provide a special feel, and fit in with your natural wedding.

However you choose to use nature as a part of your wedding decorations, having a good florist will really go along way in helping your special day remain special. The expertise of a professional can reduce your stress and leave you free to enjoy making memories of that special day.