The wedding flowers at the place card table are some of the first wedding decorations that your guests will notice

You will want to make sure that you plan some special flowers for this area.

If you are including a sit down dinner as part of your wedding festivities, it will be important to remember the wedding decorations for the place card table. Working with your florist to create something stunning and perfect for your wedding style will set a perfect impression for your guests. Sometimes it is easy to forget the little details when it comes to planning your wedding. For your guests, often times, the little things are the things they notice the most. The place card table can easily fall into this category. You may be so busy enjoying the festivities, that you only see the place card table in the pictures after your honeymoon. However, it is the welcoming point into your wedding reception, for your guests. They will get a feel for the celebration from your place card table.

Welcoming and beautiful wedding flowers

When you have a table that is welcoming with beautiful wedding flowers and other wedding decorations, like confetti or candles or a small “thank you” token for your guests, it lets them know that you are glad they are there. Place card tables should match the mood and style of your wedding. If you are having a elegant affair, then you should have an elegant floral arrangement with the rich look of crystal. If you are having a beach wedding perhaps wicker or seashells mixed in with your wildflowers and orchids is more to your liking.
The possibilities are endless. With a creative florist from M&P Wedding Flowers of Chicago, you won’t go wrong. We are very skilled and experienced in creating lovely floral displays for your guests to enjoy and to enhance the style and flair of your special day. Be creative and use the place card table to let your guests know you are glad that they are there. They will appreciate it, and their experience at your wedding reception will be off to a great start that they will remember and think back on for years to come.

Beautiful Wedding Flowers at the Place Card Table, Photo Galley.

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